How much does it cost to change my color to green
From a black and white TV screen?
Born on a property only built for the natives
My skin was taken as a form of poverty
According to the oppressor
I’m nothing less but 3 5th of a black man
Dead presidents tend to think differently
If I had a million dollars in my black hand
Or maybe in my mama’s hand
After that cop shot him near the stop sign
A community shock by the headlines of an unarmed black man driving
Minding his own business
Police pull him over assuming he looks suspicious
That was only a dream I had
Awaken by news anchors covering the same series of events as evidence
Proving racial inequality plus violence equals ratings
Networks debating over who is right or wrong
Whites or blacks?
Would they write a check just to write their wrongs?
While we keep on marching and write a song
Somebody is laughing all the way to the bank capitalizing on our truth
Then it’s back to regularly scheduled programming your thoughts that brought you here
Brought to you by Jordans, money, cars, bitches, reality shows, and malt liquor beer
I guess the heads at the board room figured us out
Niggaz are all about that life.

CREDITS: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey