Do you have the time?
Second question
What’s on your mind?
These were the questions I asked this Statue of Liberty
in her pursuit of happiness
We exchange global communications
I total the equations from her poetry
Inviting me into her words of ecstasy
Next to me was a pillow to lay my head on
Then, I laid my legs on the edge of the couch
My first session with the therapist was my last one
Can I ask some more questions or maybe I should just address her
with my bedroom eyes to get her undressed
down to where her bedroom lies
between her thighs was her food for thought
It was good I thought when I grabbed myself a plate
and ate her alphabet soup
This was the food she brought to my attention
Teacher…Teach me a lesson
The only ruler she had in her hand was my erection
A pen I let her borrow
Too early to let her swallow
The words coming out of my soul
that landed on her friends
As she introduced me to them
I kissed, licked, and touched them
I forgot
She had a husband, but he was a no show
at this secret meeting, she held
Did she want me to meet him?
Did she feed him the same rhymes she fed me?
Her tongue led me to take her places her husband never took me to
From the front to the back of her mind
Her eyes were rolling when she heard my tribute
to her starring role
Poetic freedom
This actress I think I have seen her in a few plays
from back in the day
Dressed in all black she lays on the mattress telling me to come here
to read a few pages
Like we were on a stage
I have only known her for two days
Could it be fate that brought us together
In this world of hate, we made love from the kitchen
to the living room to the porch
Then, I and her lay under the universe
Sharing verses to each other
Go to sleep Sistah
As she ended the night with a kiss holding hands
I didn’t want to let go
I can’t hold back these emotions
Going through my brain
Still, I didn’t know her name
The night turned into day
I awaken from the sounds of the children playing on the ground
I turned around
She was nowhere to be found
I looked down
One new message
Good morning
I’m outta town
I don’t know when I will see you again
I know we had plans to reunite on the sands before the ocean
But I have to take this flight to another land
End of message
I can play her voice again or call
After all, it was just a one-night stand.

CREDITS: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey