Thirsty for knowledge
Hungry for sex and lust on the mattress
Hot sex on the platter is on the menu
but does sex matter when I want to
stick my native tongue into your dungeon family?
Call it the love below red light special on a Saturday night.
Talking over a sparkling white wine while I’m mind fucking your mental
She has a sweet tooth for all kinds of men with a dental plan
but what I don’t understand is how she’s gonna sleep with the
mailman, the cable man, and even the man who works
at the newspaper stand
I can see her through the palm of her hand
The same hand she used to touch them
Love them
Hug them
Hold them
Kiss them
Even told them she missed them
I guess that’s just food for thots when we’re caught up
in the moment of enjoyment and pleasure of privacy
I’m a pirate in search of your buried treasure on this odyssey
you got me on
You are the Goddess whose modest at first
but switched to a different network of pornography
It won’t be long until I stop practicing monogamy
Phone ringing
Who is this calling me?
Her name is…It doesn’t even matter
She was the same Sistah I smashed after the other brother had her
I feel sorry for the other brother didn’t use a rubber on this lady
named Summer who met last Summer
What a bummer
He pulled up to her like a hummer
and banged her body like a drummer or a snare drum
The smell of male cum floated through her habitat
where she laid muthafuckers on their back
Dinner, movie, drinks, and sex
She ain’t paying that muthafucker back
The only thing he will get back in return is her back turn
towards him as he hitting it from the back
Now that’s what you called Ass The World Turns
Just let it burn
It’s gonna be a long day because you gonna learn today
Food for thots got me in my feelings like a soap opera
and it’s killing me as someone shot me
There is no healing for what I have
A condition called addiction
I’m addicted to your pussy why?
Because you have to give me an incurable disease called
sex addiction
This has to be the best addiction known to man
I’ve known a man who had the same addiction
Before he became addicted
he was committed to not having sex before marriage
The art of fornication
Abstinence is a foreign language to people like him
Her body language enticed him to spread her legs
and make her beg for more teasing, more pleasing,
more semen, more numbers in his phone book
Rebeeca a.k.a. red panties
Shanieka a.k.a. black boy sorts
Janelle a.k.a. Ms. A woman doesn’t kiss and tell
a.k.a. pink G-String with the fishnet stockings
Food for thots
Be mindful of who you lay down or next with
or who you have mind sex with and come equipped with some protection
Just some food for thought for the hoe in you.

CREDITS: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey