In the world of sad faces
Unhappy ever endings
The book of love remains unwritten
I’ve been sentenced to a lifetime of loneliness and lustin
Waiting for an angel to bust me out of prison
Handcuffed to a plantation that won’t allow me to grow
A letter of pardon reads you free to go
if she comes to rescue you
I just need to know when will she be back
The first time I saw her it was love at
The first smile, cry, tears, and laughter
Before the hurt and after the aspirins taken to heal the broken heart
I have never seen a smile like hers
Separated at birth
Even though we came from the same motherland
I awaited trial for her
just to help me clear my name
From the same guys that brought her shame
when it came to relationships in the past
Can I make this connection last
if I can make you laugh now and cry later
as we go through the struggle together
I rather make you brag to the judge and jury
on how innocent I am from degrading women
and making women into experimental projects
She became the latest subject to my painting I painted
while I was incarcerated in a cell
Slated to be alone for the rest of my life
This was a test of my emotions
Sitting in the center of four walls
closing in on me till the guard informed me I have a visitor
down the hall on the right
A close call is what I needed to break free from temporary confinement
Her smile is what I confided in
To keep me from insanity
This is how I became in love with her smile for a while.

CREDITS: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey