It feels like light-years away
Standing from a distance, yet I see the difference in our seasons
More of a reason to grow and show the true beauty of who we are
Even if it’s far apart from each other, loved ones, or close souls
I keep my eyes close to imagining one standing in front of me
Instead of six feet apart
Social distancing reminds me of myself distancing myself from being social
The lack of ability to become vocal is the nature of the unheard
A highway with no road map leading me back to where I first started
Just a television set and a phone to control my sanity
The mind over matter where nothing mattered but to be in my own space
Close-minded and not open-minded to infinite possibilities to broaden the horizons
Yet this virus separated me from the world still unknown I have never seen before
Paradise, joy, peace, harmony is what this world was made of
Distancing from practicing physical touch, but in the mind, there is room to make love
I yearn for the sweet touch, smell, kiss, and warmth of life’s pleasures
Wanting to feel again
Wanting to connect synergy with the energy one brings to the presence of a creature
Longing for the chance to be held without reservation or hesitation
I still stand alone more than six feet to meet someone light-years away
But I will go the distance to see my true spirit on a sunny or rainy day.

CREDITS: Written and Produced By Sean Garvey