A perfect picture that is picture-perfect
The picture says a thousand words
In each word serves as a purpose to memorialize her eyes, her structure, her warmth, her beauty
Painting a picture in my mind remembering the times I wrote lines of empathy
and the greater of good within us
Now that you’re no longer with us these spaces are empty
for the greater of bad
All it took was a pen and a pad to write down thoughts I had
from observations of life lessons
A young soul asking questions about life, but in search of life’s blessings
The teacher of life spoke to me in an art gallery
with quotes of affirmations
Let your light shine on others as it shines on you
I never knew this day would come you would see your fate
Whether it’s underwater or behind gates
the reflection of your face will always have a place in the exhibit
of poets, artists, critics, lovers, and children of mankind
but how do you define a masterpiece
while traveling through space and time
in search of peace in a man’s mind?
Through the eyes of a Goddess
staring at her as she stares back at me
This was no longer a dream
It was back to reality
Writing editorial articles about how lovely and horrible the world is in
less than 500 words
I forgot what the word is
The word that describes your style of formatting
Before and after each period
I write sentences illustrating how much I love each day
each month, each week, each season, each period
When you reach your seasons
I listen to each word your speak with reason
All it is left are memories posted on the wall as murals
You saved me from death and now
you’re my hero.

CREDITS: Written & Produced by Sean Garvey