No need for an introduction
Beginning at chapter one
Day one was the day when the moon met the sun
Words like what are you up to and I love you
became famous lines towards the two
As we move on to chapter two
I remembered when you started writing words expressing how you feel
Even at times when you used fighting words I couldn’t help but deal
cause you always kept it real
Full of ambition and sex appeal
there was never a dull moment when the intimacy between two souls covers the phoenix rising
underlying every adjective word describing the beauty in both of us
while lying under the covers finding your love in all the right places
I thought happiness was only seen through happy faces
but you changed that perspective
Fast forward the pages to chapter three
The testing stages of Romeo and Juliet
I love you
I hate you, but I love you more than I hate you
Sometimes I make you mad
Tears falling from your face
My angel is dying
Can I bring her back to life again?
Chapter four is where a new life began in another state
Five thousand miles away
A smile turned into a frown, but at least I know she’s a dial away
Phone disconnected
Now, I’m at home resurrecting the pieces that were broken from smoking scenes
Losing you was like broken dreams
No longer deferred
Langston Hughes can’t even put into words to create a poem to weather the storm
In chapter five the sunshine will come out sooner than later
Others rain on people’s parade
Hands moving to the crowd
If she could only hear the sound of my cries telling her to meet me halfway
My character must be going half crazy
Every time I think about the lady who came into my life and inspired me to write this piece of literature
written for her
You inspired me to be inspired
Through the fire I’m burnt
My feet are tired, but I refuse to surrender
She inspires me to keep trying.

Credits: Written and produced by Sean Garvey