Good morning.
I rolled over and my hand fell where you used to be.
The covers were smooth there is no rumples not even a slight wrinkle.
I miss your smile first thing in the morning.
You would smile when you saw me, your eyes first open full of light and love.
Now light and love are all I have as I mourn your passing.
I mourn the end of our physical connection.
I mourn your touch, I mourn your smile… I mourn your laugh.
I mourn the way you would put your hands on my shoulders to reassure me… but this is a good mourning.
I remember the joy we shared.
I remember the love we shared.
I remember the passion between us.
I mourn you in a way honors you by remembering… your generosity and your compassion.
The way you shared your spirit, your energy, your time.
Good mourning will get me through this time.
Good mourning or get me through the mornings that you are no longer here physically, but always with me in spirit.
Your energy surrounds me… every day.
So I mourn in the best way possible. I mourn in a way that honors your spirit and our time together… with love and light.
Good mourning.

CREDITS: Written by S. Lani Hayes – Music Bed Courtesy of Dedication to J. Dilla – Co-Produced by Sean Garvey