She Loves Me
She Needs Me
She Wants Me
She taunts me in my dreams while living in a nightmare
where that man makes his living at night
Scared he may not make it home
Giving his life to Christ or God in a conversation via payphone
Money ran out in his PayPal account
Gotta rob Peter to pay Paul to pay back a loan he couldn’t afford back home
Now that’s what I called P.O.E.T.
Why? Cause she is fine as hell with a heavenly voice
and devilish looks
She’s a saint that can paint a story and turn it into a book
An author who can paint an image with a stroke of a paintbrush
She didn’t deal with too many men that she can’t trust
I used to love her, but I didn’t have common sense
After I fucked her, I haven’t worn a condom since
Woke up the next morning with a little bit of change, but it ain’t much
to get on a train
She still lives in my brain from spending quarters, nickels, dimes, and cents
to purchase a notebook and pens so I can write sentences that makes sense
Meantime, I’m nickel and diming to pay the rent
They say life is a marathon, so I use my pen to sprint on a field chasing after her
In hindsight, she’s been chasing after me to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel
I keep running towards too many hurdles
She said I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m in trouble
I’m dying
I’m tired of fighting
I’m tired of crying about bad things around me
Still, I love you because you found me when you were just a baby
reading a newspaper to grow up writing words on a sheet of paper
and speak in front of spectators the knowledge I gave you
As she’s about to make the grave soon, I hope to see her later
in the next few poems, I write by yours truly.

Credits: Written and produced by Sean Garvey