Saturday Night
Cognac in my system
I’m on that act right
Trying to get lit tonight
Before my afterlife
Might even hit up a chick tonight, but I’m not looking for a wife tonight
In plain sight, I see a crowd of people like it’s a black lives movement
I’m moving and cruising down I-85 doing 75 on the speedway bumping trap life music
Stopped at the traffic light and I see this young lady acting like
she was grooving to old school music in her old school Buick
Before the light turned green
Let me holla at you
I roll down my window
My name is Old Nat. What yo name is?
My name is Flat Shoals
& I’m Diggin your ride
Let me know if you’re tryin to slide
through this kickback, we’re havin’ tonight
It’s going to be lit
B.Y.O.B, good music, and plenty to smoke
On the Southside where girls just wanna have fun
We party hard till the early morn
Then go to Waffle House & order an All-Star
We got one on every corner, so you never have to travel too far
Good vibes only, don’t have time for the drama
Just tryin to enjoy the warm nights that we have left this summa
Trust me this party is where you wanna be
So if you down come on and follow me
I’m right behind you and if you like to
I can follow you on your IG page
I want to DM you some poems I made in my younger days
Anyway, I know you know this area too well
It’s a lot of stories to tell
Like this southern bell, I fell in love with
She was raised in the ATL
but born in Africa
You probably know her
The first name starts with the letter P and ends with a Y
And I’m not talking about the buried treasure between a woman’s thighs
I ain’t going to lie and this might sound weird, but you remind me of my ex
This is one of those nights I don’t want to regret not talking to you
so can we go somewhere else just by ourselves and change subjects?
Politics, religion, culture, community
We don’t have to just only discuss sex
but I’m open to whatever you wanna do from sunrise to sunset
I hope I’m not making you upset
It’s just that when I look into your eyes
you remind me of her lines, verbs, and metaphors
I’m hoping I’m not wasting your time
It sounds like you’re about to say something.

Credits: Written By Sean Garvey and Kelita “Georgia Peach” Almond
Produced by Sean Garvey