Old pair of J’s on my feet make my entire day incomplete
Doesn’t look good with this crisp white T
and these fresh black jeans
I feel like another black teen meeting his favorite idol
If my first name was Michael, my last name would be I admired
But this was the day I pay Michael a visit
Don’t get it twisted
Not the man himself
Referring to the size 12s on the shelf
I heard they just came in yesterday, but damn I have a test today
I need a plan A, B, C, D, E, F that
I’m skipping P.E. classes and run through a massive crowd of people
to get red and black
You know those are my favorite colors
Black ties lace-up
Check symbol face up
Shoestrings to make the blues sing
Hip-Hop to dance to a new tune like it’s a new thing
My uncle Tom said don’t do it because you would be a slave
but the commercials told me just do it, so I can play like I’m in the NBA
The price of these shoes so high I believe I can fly
and slam dunk on you all who try to criticize my choice
for getting these new pair of Jordans
If they had a voice these shoes would tell me getting them are important
Not only you can afford them, but you can sport them on the court
The chick who dissed you last summer might give you her number
The first thing she sees is a guy shoe
You know what they say
You can tell how big his nature is by the size of his shoes
Telling the cashier to rig them up and never bring them up in conversations
Stories of young people would pay their entire compensation
and get killed over these Jordans
I hear what they’re saying and I’m praying that these haters don’t get me
for my Jordans or I’ll start slaying
I’ll die over these Jordans and you don’t even know it
Put these Jordans in my bookbag and you don’t even know it
I took them home and I sport them
You don’t even know it
My entire allowance
I blew it for a pair of J’s on my feet
Now my day is complete
What’s for dinner you ask?
These Jordans look good enough to eat
My mom is asking for half
Half of the rent
I’ll get it for her next week
I can’t go to sleep without my new Jordans
I know we just met, but I can’t wait to wake up to you in the morning
I hate to wake up and you not there
I can always get another pair anywhere, but I don’t feel like going
Through the obstacle courses of getting another pair
Why would I replace them?
Just to show you how much I care
I would do anything for this new pair of Jordans.

Credits: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey