Some called it the great migration
Some fall into a situation to survive in these streets
or strive to meet their expectations of being the next 15 minutes of fame
without a name
The home of trap music, white cocaine, or a canine named white cocaine
with fangs that will bite into your flesh
Welcome to a city where life or death are the choices to making it
or making it out like whites moving to the next side of town
Entering the blacks and browns in the communities for a better life
Ain’t no city better like Atlanta
where the out of towners ask how’s life in Atlanta?
Is every woman like the Real Housewives of Atlanta?
I’ve only seen the real-life of Atlanta
Growing up, I wanted to be like the celebrities
blowing up where they party all night at clubs on a Saturday
and go to church just to show up and repent to God
I represent the hard-working, hustling, 9 to 5
Born and raised on the Southside
Eyes peeping at the outside of visitors
becoming citizens with their 40 acres and a mule
A city with an unfortunate history of plantations and our ancestors
hung on trees
An area where it birthed a leader who had a dream
A place where the city got bleached chocolate without the skin cream
Fast forward a passport can help you leave in the pursuit of happiness
She is Atlanta
My chocolate city
My chocolate queen
My magic city
I’m a chocolate fiend to this tragic beauty
She has seen violent crimes and traffic in her lifetime
Some people blame it on the great migration
Others blame it on inflation
Many want to be black panthers in a Wakanda nation
Still, she feels people are hating on her because of her progression
Black leaders, black schools, black teachers, black moves
No this is not fake news
The only thing not fake is when black kids make the news
If you take the youth out of their element
maybe they can one day be president or mayor of Atlanta
They called us bamas because of how we talk
Georgia peaches enjoying the fruits of their labor
without taking a banana from a man based on how he walks
She’s still is the apple of my eye in a city that stays hot
like a flamming Cheetos bag
I brag to my friends about her, but all they do is ostracize
and criticize her body
Your city ain’t nothing but gold teeth, country grammar
booty clubs, wings, and thighs
Atlanta ain’t nobody, but guess what though
your sister, auntie, momma, and your cousin too live down here
riding down the strip on Vogues coming up slamming Lexus, Toyota,
Mercedez-Benz doors
Cadillacs on 24’s was more than a lifestyle
It was a line in a rhyme occasionally design to become a landmark
sign of the A like the first letter of the alphabet
A city where alpha males on the hunt for an alpha chick
whose ratchet or Afrocentric
My baby, my city is black like an Afro pic
The sight, the smell of Afrolanta
At night, I can tell she doesn’t want me to go, but I have to grow
like the afro
Good, bad, and ugly times
She’s still my home
From Zone 1 to Zone 3
Atlanta is where the home be
Yet, she is still hated and she hates me for writing this
But I’m not everybody
I’m just a nobody reciting this Atlanta vs. anybody who isn’t liking this.

Credits: Written and Produced by Sean Garvey