Back To School Safety Tips For Georgia Drivers

Written By Sean Garvey for CBS Radio Atlanta

The Georgia Department of Education encourages all daily commuters to please be mindful of children walking to and from the school bus.

Prepare to act when you see the yellow flashing lights on the front and the rear of a school bus. This is an indication to the motorist the bus is getting ready to make a complete stop. Begin to slow down and take the necessary precaution to let the other drivers know to slow down as well. Once the stop arm deploys on the side of the bus, avoid making any moves or turns while the children aboard the bus. Be on the lookout for more kids walking towards the school bus and most importantly, be patient.

You must stay alerted and proceed with caution any time you are in the area of a school bus stop. School students can be impulsive at times, however, their safety matters just as much as yours.

Motorists driving on highways are exempt from the safety rules when driving in the same vicinity as the school bus. The motorist will on be exempt from this rule if the driver is separated in the center by a dirt, grass or concrete median of the highway.  Vehicles following or traveling alongside a school bus in the same direction are required to stop.

The Georgia Department of Education also wants to advise commuters to follow other safety tips.

  • Do not text or talk on the phone while driving.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when looking for stragglers.
  • Proceed with caution every time when you are driving behind or next to a school bus.
  • Obey all traffic laws and reduce your speed when you are entering in a school zone.
  • Do not pass other cars and trucks in school zones or at crosswalks.
  • Avoid switching lanes or making U-turns in school zones.
  • Watch for school crossing guards as they use signals to help kids get across the street.
  • Always stay alert for children near schools, in school parking lots and school zones.
  • Make sure to enter and park your vehicle in authorized areas to drop off or pick up children at school.

Here is a list of schools already open.

Newton County

Cobb County

Henry County
Rockdale County
Cherokee County
Here is a list of schools yet to open.
Buford: Aug. 3 
Forsyth County: Aug. 3
Marietta: Aug. 3
Coweta County: Aug. 4
Clayton County: Aug. 7
DeKalb County: Aug. 7
Douglas County: Aug. 7

Fayette County: Aug. 7
Fulton County: Aug. 7
Gwinnett County: Aug. 7