Written By Dominique Chantel & Sean Garvey

He said

Peace stranger. It’s been a minute since I last heard from you

I thought we had a great time since the last words were I like you

We had a vibe outside of the apps and online

Lately I been showing up and you don’t be coming on time

She Said

Hey you,

We did connect and I enjoyed your convo

But it’s been really busy for me and I’ve been like on non stop go

Beyond the talking with you, I’ve been focused on me.

Yeah your vibe is cool but it’s this app you see

He Said

That’s the same excuse I been getting from a lot of women

This the reason why every season I end up with another chick

Just to hit it and quit it

And you wonder why y’all ladies stay single

Even though you told me you was ready to mingle

All you do is go to work, drink mimosas with your girls

And stuff your face with some Pringles

While you scrolling and posting on your social media pages

I thought we had a vibe but according to a source

You’re just another Ebony face in the Essence pages

She Said…

Stay Single? I’m single by choice plus I found a new man who gives me a voice.

He don’t even talk back, I just post and scroll

And if I do it right He rewards me with hearts and tells me what he likes

Just to set the record straight my Essence can never be duplicated

Plus this Ebony face got you so elated

Let’s get back to the facts why you mad and can’t handle a woman like me

This app gives me life, pumps me up and boosts my self esteem.

He Said…

So it’s like that? I’m not the one that ghosted on you.

I’m not like them other guys from your past nor your father that walked out on you.

She Said…

I ghosted you, Yes and that was wrong but it’s easier to do than admitting I’m wrong.

Yes my dad walking out has nothing to do with you,

But it’s easier to hide all my feelings and not have dejavu

So I got a new man and he be loving me right

Cause it’s easier for me to accept his hearts instead of dislikes.

He Said…

So you got a new man huh?

What’s his name bruh?

It’s this brother on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Got Damn he must be on Tik Tok

Trust me, this dude don’t wanna get got

I wasted all this time on you when you been sliding in this dude DM

Trying to sweep you off your feet like flip flops

She Said…

Why you all up in mine

How do you find the time to figure out my next move

You should be on this app cause this brother is smooth

Yep social media is the new ish, I get my news, my facts all from this one app

I be clickin and searching and ain’t got time for you to be lurking

I’m cool with us as friends plus you can take his place if you buy me a Benz

Better yet I’ll make the next move and remove myself from the equation, cause I’m so tired of dating

He Said…

You know what F this convo

I’m about to exit this chat pronto

See this social media ish got y’all sistahs messed up. If you ain’t texting, you flexing

If Tik Tok is your new boyfriend then you missed out on a blessing

I see you posting, twerking, working on my last nerves

Here’s the last verse

You can lose my number if you don’t use my number

I refuse to be another number

You know what…I’m gonna friend zone you before you friend zone me

Matter of fact let me call up one of your homies that know me

I got your girlfriend’s phone and if your girlfriend’s home

I’m gonna fall through while you be swiping right and left alone

From cuffing season to the end of summer

She Said…

You ain’t doing me no favors, I’ve been done with this chat

Don’ t take it personal I ‘d rather have a boyfriend that don’t need facts

I’m done with you brutha’s thinking you’re everything a sister needs,

I need a man who holds me down, doesn’t dim my light,

You all in your feelings cause you can’t bag me

But I’m doing me and building my self esteem

I’m becoming a better version of me

That’s right my new man is Tik Tok

I’ll be swiping left to right, I’m good with she/me

Let me hit this little button cause you bothering me.

He Said…

Hello? Hello? Did she just block me?

Copyrighted 2023