Written By Sean Garvey for Entercom Radio Atlanta

Many people in Atlanta say dating is a challenge. The assessment comes from various reasons, including a person’s sexual preference or orientation.

On this recent edition of Love and Relationships with Friends, Sean Garvey, his co-hosts Gaby and C.J. presented an interesting question. Is it important to ask a dater their sexual orientation on the first date?

Sex therapist Andrea Markum and educator Just Jessica shared different perspectives during the discussion. Jessica, who identifies as neither straight nor homosexual, explained why a person’s sexual orientation is not important to ask on a date.

“I think to myself like…Oh. If we made it to this step and we at the first date, you’re interested in me. Whatever happened before me happened before me, but you came here because you’re interested in me,” said Jessica.

Markum offered a different perspective to the conversation. “It is important for them to find out who the person has been with. It is very important for them to know; especially in an area that has a lot of down low,” said Markum.

Hear part one of the discussion below.

(L to R) Sex Therapist Andrea Markum, Educator Just Jessica, Sean Garvey, Gaby, and C.J.

Photo Credit: Ashley Bozeman