By Sean Garvey

On this Behind The Dating Scene edition of The Mental Space with Sean Garvey, guest panelists sit down with Garvey to discuss how mental health issues play a role in “hypergamous dating.”

During the discussion, Garvey breaks down the term “hypergamous” or hypergamy, which means people looking to date others based on higher caste or social status.

Garvey and his guests also explain long-term mental and behavioral attributes in daters when getting rejected for a date because he is considered “corny.” The panelists who weighed in on the conversation are dating commentator Tre’ Amazing, comedian Wanda Davis, entrepreneur Kizzie Robinson, and Allen Obi (host of the vlog We Need To Talk).

Listen to the full conversation below.

Sean Garvey with panelists Wanda Davis, Allen Obi, and Tre’ Amazing discussing hypergamy dating, corny guys & mental health.