I’m writing this letter to inform you how much I adore you.
This is not another poem to
wait wait wait
This doesn’t sound right
This sounds like another love letter
Sealed with a kiss around nights I spent
thinking of what to write since this is the last letter I’ll write to you
as I’m dying a slow death
As I’m taking my last breath
I want to leave with you a piece of me
or shall I say a peace from me
I am poetry
I am spoken word
I am that poet that will sometimes get on your nerves
Poetry is I with every noun, sentence, adjective, and verbs
Different ingredients like salt, pepper, vinegar, oils, and herbs
Leaves you with scents of what yesterday was and what tomorrow could look like
This letter I write I hope it gets to you in time
Please write back in mind that I may not have that much time
Sincerely yours, a poet named patient in room 208.

Listen…I don’t want to guess what’s going on with you but I do know imma need you because minds like ours are being attacked. And since you know this you can not cower.
I do not have anything I want in life. But I will not complain anymore knowing I am capable and since I woke up I am doing better than yesterday.

Dear the love of my life,
I’m happy you do better than yesterday
I would be happier if we were together for just a day
Flipping the script, we can take a trip just to get away from the issues you use to write about
When we broke up I know I said it’s not you
it’s me. I needed to figure out what life is about
I’m still learning. We are still growing. You’re still showing how talented you are.
The days I missed when you had me in a book and all you had was a microphone.
In the middle was a #2 pencil. No Facebook nor a smartphone. It was us versus the crowd.
Your verses were so loud it was like a cloud came down to cover the eyes and release the sound of you speaking your truth of conscience
I’m going in and out of consciousness. I will write more when I find more time.
With love,

CREDITS: Written by Sean Garvey and Mae Overstreet/Produced by Sean Garvey